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our story

My great, great grandfather believed that every cup of tea is a journey to be shared. To a place. To a feeling. To good health. To wellness and togetherness.

From planting the first family estate in the cool Sri Lankan highlands over 100 years ago, it was his dedication to creating the perfect cup of tea – one that brings about a state of shared contentment, that has inspired our family’s craft for four generations.

Using only the finest single-origin ingredients from estates in Sri Lanka, we draw upon ancient Ayurvedic traditions to create small batch, single-origin teas and tisanes that are healthy for your mind, body and soul. So, take a sip, create a connection, start a ritual and enjoy whatever state you find yourself in at Governor’s Estate.


a passion for tradition

We believe in high quality products that enhance your day to day living. With a passion for tradition, we believe in providing the very best at the most affordable prices, with an understanding that quality should never be compromised and everyone should have a chance to enjoy the finer things in life.

Our flagship product is a classic range of tea blends which have now been followed by other premium collections. As we continue to develop our product range we invite you to be a part of our journey by not only consuming our products but also sharing your comments, thoughts and any ideas you might have. At the end of the day our main aim is to satisfy your tastes.


our products

From pure Ceylon tea leaves to West African cocoa beans, we source only the finest ingredients for our range of artisan foods. Here is a selection of our most popular products.

Premium Luxury Tea Blends

At Governor's Estate, we use the traditional 5 stage method of tea production; withering, rolling, fermenting, drying and sorting. Every leaf is hand plucked by experienced and highly skilled pickers. Our pride - producing the very best Ceylon tea.

Infused Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Our new virgin organic coconut oils are made from the world’s finest coconuts, grown in the region known as Sri Lanka's ‘Golden Triangle’. What's more, we've created three world-first flavour infusions to take your cooking to the next level – vanilla, chilli & garlic and turmeric & black pepper.

Belgian Mousse & Drinking Chocolate

Made with premium West African Cocoa Beans in a traditional velvety Belgian style,
our range of drinking chocolate and mousse mix is the perfect decadent indulgence, served straight up hot or iced, or whipped into gloriously dreamy desserts.