How to Brew Green Tea


Green tea is an excellent alternative to coffee as it’s a much healthier choice for a little caffeine hit when you need one. If you haven’t yet been introduced to the wonders and delights of green tea, or if you have and didn’t enjoy it, the secret to a delicious cup is all in the way you brew it (and the quality of the tea of course!).

For best results when you brew your green tea, follow the 80:80 rule. Brew at 80 degrees for 80 seconds. Any more than that temperature or time-wise, and your green tea will take on a bitter taste. Try it this way and you’ll never go back. 

If you find the flavour of green tea on its own not to your taste, you might like to try our green teas with Soursop or Mint, or a herbal infusion such as Calming Peach. Enjoy!

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