Kick Start your Metabolism with Green Tea

Say goodbye to powdered shakes bulked full of ingredients you can't even pronounce. Get fit and healthy with a pre-workout that is naturally powerful and simple... heck, forget the workout and just enjoy the benefits.

We love Green Tea at Governor's Estate, so much that we have recently added two new green teas to the range. Want to know why?
Antioxidants, antioxidants, antioxidants!

We recently mentioned antioxidants in a blog post called 'Superior Health in 10 Tea-riffic Ways' but just to recap our bodies love being treated to foods and drinks jam packed with antioxidants as they keep our body young and protect us from daily pollution. Green tea has antioxidants called polyphenols which gives a metabolism-boosting punch. 

Studies have shown that green tea boosts your resting metabolic rate by up to a whopping 17%. Now we need to fill you in on green tea's secret weapon EGCG. 

EGCG is the polyphenol in green tea which blocks weight gain and prevents metabolic syndrome you have a high-fat diet. You can actually feel this effect after you drink the tea. Your body will literally heat up as your cells waste calories as heat. 

Green Tea is a great winter elixir for that reason. Drink a cup whenever you feel chilled and are on the verge of succumbing to those naughty temptations and curb the sweet cravings. The tea will warm and soothe you, reducing hunger and cravings. 

We aren't promising that you will lose 15kg in a week simply from drinking green tea alone, but we can assure you that your body will lap up the benefits of drinking a quality green tea daily. 

If you aim is to burn fat and/or improve your endurance. Green tea increases your metabolism and the caffeine improves your endurance and helps you work out longer. Athletes usually supplement with caffeine to improve their workout duration and effectively increase their performance. 

But if your aim is mainly to lose some of that fat, then when you drink a cup of tea doesn't matter, as long you exercise along with it in your routine. Also, because of the antioxidants, it gives you better skin!

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