Tea takes Coffee down for a Knock-out

It seems like there are two types of people in this world, tea sippers and coffee guzzlers. Today is the day we reveal why tea sippers truly have the upper hand in the ongoing saga between darjeeling darlings and latte lovers.

Both coffee and tea have their benefits. Coffee certainly has a higher caffeine content than tea, reduces migraines, and often 'cures' hangovers. But health benefits of tea-especially green tea are more long-term compared to coffee. Green Tea reboots a weak immune system, gives a longer lasting caffeine hit, and prevents the development of cancerous cells.

Here are the amazing benefits of coffee and tea physically, mentally and emotionally:

They Both Help You Lose Weight
Caffeine reduces your appetite, which is why both brews are notorious for aiding with weight loss. But, tea has a benefit which coffee doesn't, EGCG, which is found primarily in Green Tea has the ability to shrink fat cells and make your muscle cells more active.

Need to Chill?
Tea and coffee represent many things, but they both give the excuse to have 'you' time and just take a second to be with yourself. Emotionally, physically and mentally though, those who drink teas which have jasmine and lavender (Our Calming Peach) leaves give the drinker a decreased heart rate simply by inhaling the aroma of their tea. Feeling stressed? Have a tea break.

Caffeine Hit
This is certainly an obvious benefit of coffee, it provides an instant hit. It only takes 10 minutes to feel the effects of your coffee's caffeine, your body releases hormones which boost your heart rate, keep your body active and reduce blood pressure. A single shot of coffee has almost three times the amount of caffeine of Green Tea but the effect of teas' caffeine hit is longer lasting.

They Both Have Essential Nutrients
Black Coffee: B2, pantothenic acid, potassium, manganese and niacin
Black Tea: Carotene, vitamin B1,vitamin B2, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid,
vitamin C, vitamin B6, folic acid, manganese, potassium and fluoride.

Catching Zzzz's
The biggest difference between coffee and tea emerge when your head hits the pillow.
Researchers at the University of Surrey in the UK confirmed that coffee drinkers tend to find it harder to drop off at night - perhaps because the higher caffeine content finally catches up with you. Tea drinkers, in contrast, had longer and more restful slumbers.

Tea offers many of the benefits of coffee, without the sleepless nights - a clear win.

Calmer Mind and Heart
There is some evidence that Earl Grey tea soothes your nerves: regular tea drinkers do tend to show a calmer physiological response to unsettling situations. Overall, people who drink three cups a day appear to have a 37% lower risk of depression!
Coffee drinkers report that they feel as though their nerves are jangling but it does also reduce the risk of developing depression by 8%. It is a drastic decrease but it is better than the effect of soft drinks which only increase your risk of developing mental health problems.

Increased Hydration
Tea is fantastic at hydrating the body and replenishing your fluid intake. While coffee can do the same, tea has the added benefit of generally being just pure H2O with that awesome tea flavour, meaning that when it's a scorching hot summer day, it's much more beneficial to sip down some tea (hot or cold) as it'll replace any fluids you've lost through sweating. 
It also means that it's fantastic for your skin and getting it hydrated quicker!

So, in our opinion, both brews have major benefits but we would like to take our chances of a better night sleep and mental health with an aromatic tea.