a state of Calming Wonder - PEACH & LEMONGRASS

a state of Calming Wonder - PEACH & LEMONGRASS


Awaken your senses with an infusion of sun-ripened peaches, lavender and lemongrass blended with single-estate, pure Ceylon sencha green tea.

  • Hand Picked

  • Single Origin

  • Pure Ceylon Tea

  • Luxury Single Foil Wrapped Sachets

Feel the clouds of complexity disappear and restore your mind with this wondrous sencha green tea infusion. The delicate blend of fennel, sun-ripened peaches with a hint of lavender help to stimulate good feelings with a focus on a calm mind and connectedness.


Dear Governor's Estate, Your Calming Peach Herbal Infusion is absolutely delicious. - Dr Christine T

I did buy the Calming Peach tea and I would love more. It is like sunshine and peace in a cup! - Hilarie C

20 individually foil wrapped tea-bags. 34g NET.

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